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Solitary Strength: The Story of Cattlewoman Dorothy Stover Hall
Solitary Strength: The Story of Cattlewoman Dorothy Stover Hall

The Story of Cattlewoman Dorothy Stover Hall went against type most of her life. During the peak of the Great Depression she bought and paid for a small ranch she could call her own. Dorothy was a single mother of twins when divorce was considered a shameful thing. She managed her life and rugged business with uncommon grace and dignity.



This beautifully produced historical documentary will appeal to audiences that love stories of the American West, Women’s Studies and Sustainability. Known as a superior cattlewoman and exceptional horsewoman, Dorothy Stover Hall practiced Calm Livestock Handling (also known as Low Stress Cattle Handling) and stewardship of the land before such terms were ever coined. Hall was on the forefront of the environmental movement. The use of Calm Livestock Handling is now broadly used as documented in such publications as BEEF which published in part the Colorado State University research on best practices, much of which has been adopted by Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Guidelines.

Film released May 2017 by Dreamscape Media.

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“SOLITARY STRENGTH: the Story of Cattlewoman Dorothy Stover Hall describes a time period that is long gone, but the message it delivers to the viewer is as timeless as the fields Ms. Stover Hall’s cattle grazed upon. Ms. Stover Hall’s intellect, self- determination, integrity, and strong sense of intrinsic values are secondary attributes as compared to the philosophy she bestowed upon her daughters of “never quitting” regardless of the obstacles life places upon one’s path.

SOLITARY STRENGTH: the story of Cattlewoman Dorothy Stover Hall is one that must be shared with students and adults alike. The theme of the story is universal and one that is relevant to all generations.”

Gerald Macaluso
Retired School Superintendent
Seneca Falls Central School District
New York

“Dorothy Stover Hall had the beauty and brains that could have afforded her an easy, opulent life, but instead she chose to follow an unconventional path and pursue her passion – ranching. Her strength of character and purpose resulted in an admirable life and one truly worth remembering! What a wonderful story, great photography and music.”

Valerie Coe
Alturas, California

“Duisenberg has done an exceptional job of compiling and organizing archival materials that help underscore the character and uniqueness of Hall”
Video Librarian

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