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Update: As of 6/19/2020 this is now available for free on YouTube.

Obligated to the Truth: The Story of Murdered Student Activist Marc Thompson

A community shares its feelings and hopes in the aftermath of losing Marc Anthony Cyril Thompson. Marc was a big man on campus, in his physical appearance, his outgoing personality and his fight for of social justice. His untimely and grisly murder traumatized family, friends, faculty and the larger community. Perhaps getting to know the individual behind one homicide statistic will be a step taken in the dismantling of our nation’s plight of racism and violence.

Film scheduled to be released September 2019.

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“Trudy Duisenberg’s new documentary, OBLIGATED TO THE TRUTH, tells the story of Marc Thompson, well-known and well-respected social justice activist and student leader at CSU Chico. During the autumn of the Ferguson shooting and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement (September 2014) Marc was violently murdered. His body was found in the remote foothills of Oroville. No arrests have been made and it seems no leads discovered. It’s a cold case. In a heartbreaking moment in the documentary, Marc’s mother states that the latest detective assigned to the case told her in 2018 he had not reviewed the file yet. A diverse and surprising array of friends, family and colleagues share stories that illuminate why Marc mattered so much in their lives and, even if we didn’t realize it at the time, why he mattered so much to our community. “

Laurel Avalon, Attorney & Social Justice Advocate

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