Our name reflects the ancient art of story telling

Stories that challenge us

From earliest cave fires to our big & small screens, we humans have cherished good stories.

Inform us of our past

Silk Scroll Productions delves into the past to find untold, spell binding stories, as well as producing contemporary stories which challenge and entertain us. We like those tales that inform us of our past and help us shape the future.

and help shape the future

In an era that shines bright lights and fame on shallow celebrity, Silk Scroll Productions seeks the stories of every-day people brimming with real strength, courage, creativity and character.

Silk Scroll Productions was founded in 2014 by Trudy Duisenberg in Chico, California. Trudy’s work experience includes fourteen years in marketing and contracts administration in textbook publishing. She was also founder of Coastlight Press which published THE SILICON SYNDROME, COASTLIGHT: AN ANTHOLOGY OF CONTEMPORARY POETS OF THE BAY AREA and ALIVE INTO THE WILDERNESS: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A MARRIED PRIEST. After moving to Chico, California Trudy did public relations for the local community hospital before returning to documentary work.

Trudy Duisenberg

Trudy has studied screen writing and was a member of Madelaine DiMaggio’s original screenwriting workshops. In 1999 her film script COWBOY BEACH took 3rd place in the Telluride’s Best in the West Screenwriting Contest. That year she also was accepted into the Squaw Valley Writers’ Conference and her script MOCK ORANGE was the only script selected to be read for the public by professional actors. The male lead part was read by Peter Coyote. Recently, Trudy’s script REAL LIFE reached the 2017 Quarter Finals of Creative Worlds Awards.

As Executive producer of THE USA VS TOKYO ROSE, in 1995 Trudy developed and guided the untold story of Iva Toguri to an Emmy nominated documentary carried by major PBS anchor stations in US with Japanese language rights sold to NHK television for national broadcast in Japan. That documentary sold for two decades predominately to law libraries!

In 2014 Trudy directed Legends of the North State, biographical shorts on esteemed senior artists Sal Casa, Richard Hornaday, Ann Pierce and Claudia Steel. The series was produced for MONCA and premiered at a major fundraiser for the museum. This was followed by the 2016 production of SOLITARY STRENGTH: The Story of Cattlewoman Dorothy Stover Hall. Always known as a cattle-woman and exceptional horsewoman, Dorothy practiced calm livestock handling and stewardship of the land before such terms were ever coined. SOLITARY STRENGTH is a powerful look at western life in the mid 20th Century.

A lover of all the arts, Trudy has community service experience as President of the Palo Alto/Mid-peninsula Arts Council for 6 years (now morphed into part of the Silicon Valley Arts Council.) She has also served as Secretary of the board for the Museum of Northern California Art aka MONCA and as a member of the Turner Print Museum Board, both in Chico, California.

Collaborative team

Our company is located in Northern California with access to excellent editors, photographers, videographers, historians, voice talent and fantastic musicians. Our collaborations are genuinely supportive and rewarding in respect and friendships.

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